The whole tour was booked at Connections plus. And indeed the website gives a perfect impression of what the tour management appears like. They claim to have experience of 26 years, but this may change with the point of view. To us they seemed to be still practising sometimes. In the outback we had to deal with the fact the office was not able to do the hotel bookings right in time. To me it's no wonder their mother company APT merges the offices from 2003 and the old name will disappear. Do not misunderstand me: everything turned out alright, but it looked like the drivers are the only people there really caring well for the customers. That's some 85% of the job, but not everything.

On the other hand side customer relations are definetly not the favoured subject of Australian companies. Prior the journey I contacted 4 of them, trying to become their customer. None ever replied. So I definitely would recommend to do the same journey, but be prepared for some strange phenomena.

As the flight was not included in the booking, I organized it myself. Again I booked via Travel Overland. They don't just offer simple return flights to top destinations as many websites do, they are prepared for special requests and offer really quick and personal support. Can't see the faintest reason to book anywhere else.

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