Tree Fern

Tree ferns in Victoria

Tree ferns were one of my reasons to travel Victoria and Tasmania. I simply LOVE their lush, humid and ancient appearance. In fact, there are several different species of tree ferns, but in the area I visited it's entirely the Soft Tree Fern (Dicksonia antarctica).
Most of the times, it's whole areas grown with tree ferns, sometimes mixed with Myrthles and others, sometimes of course also planted areas and garden trees. Being native in the area, the tree fern does not only provide food for the animals around, one also often sees smaller plants growing at the trunk of the fern that provides moisture and the first food a young plant needs to grow.

Selaginella thriving on a tree fern
tree ferns in the forrest








tree ferns in the lodge area

Tree fern forrest tree ferns and gum trees frond in contre-jour fern tree funnel in contre-jour sunny tree fern swamp

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