Stringy Bark gum

Stringy bark gum tree in Victoria

The word "Stringy Bark" is more a description than a name for a species - it can refer to a number of species. Most of them live in NSW and Queensland, some - like this one - also occur in Victoria and Tasmania. I believe this one is the so-called Australian Oak, Eucalyptus obliqua.

Anyway, these trees grow very tall - in a size beyond many European trees they still appear young and lively. The currently probably tallest tree of the species lives in Tasmania and just made it beyond the magical 85 metres that will save it from the saw. From elder times, up to 98 metres are seriously reported.

The Eucalypts or more casually gum trees provide a major threat to other trees as they can deal with bush fires, sometimes even support it. Other trees like the wattle and many others do not survive these fires easily. And now look at the bark that keeps falling from the tree. To a certain amount, it still contains Eucalyptus oil and therefore makes a marvellous fuel.

Stringy Bark is moderately hard and strong. It is durable and easily worked and glued. It is widely used for planking and keels on commercial vessels.

Stringy Barks around Bothfeet lodge

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