The far east of Australia

Lighthouse near Byron Bay
After a night in the Nautilus Resort in Coffs Harbour we went further north and had a stop in Byron Bay, the most easterly town of Australia mainland with the most easterly lighthouse. To say "... of Australia" is quite unusual as everything is compared with half the world and expressed as "... of the southern hemisphere". If it's not that, it's nothing at all.

There also was somebody telling me Australia wasn't a continent. It would be the smallest.
So Australia is an island. The biggest, of course.

Anyway we did a nice walk from the lighthouse to the town, all along the shore. It was nice moving the bones a bit after sitting in the bus for hours. But once I felt ready for a real walk we had to enter the bus again. We have the 21th century. Nobody is supposed to move without a car.

After Byron Bay we crossed the Queensland border.

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