Ormiston Gorge

the bottom of the gorge
Ormiston Gorge is beautiful, but one of the few places we were asked not to swim. Thinking of it, it seems surprising anyway all these billabongs are not inhabited by infections of any kind. Or maybe they are, but we didn't know...
This gorge is certainly one of the most beautiful we've seen, even though the water was really low. And this is were we've seen the first Rock Wallabies.
Ormiston Gorge seen from the rocks

This country is pretty untouched. Trees grow where the conditons suit them best, not where people want them to be. If one doesn't have a chance to observe this from the airplane, a bit of an idea is given by a walk to the rocks above Ormiston gorge.
how the stone begins to crack
A very interesting detail in the gorge: This rock shows how the stone begins to break. Looks rather chemical than physical.

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