Learning about different culture

Lessons about a different culture
The aboriginal way of live is quite different from ours. Even tough this was our third time of having a scheduled talk about it, it was the first one really explaining us their believes of the world. It really takes a longer introduction and a better explaining than just some dance and didgeridoo playing. And after some 2 hours it is really much easier to understand the things a tourist should understand. Sure, it's far from being everything, but certainly well enough for travelling.
Peter overwhelming himselfour guide ready for our pictures
One of the native foods in the central Australian desert is the witchety grub, a caterpillar living in the roots of shrubs. The guide ate them alive, but we could only do that after they were cooked. So I can tell you they have no taste at all. When having the choice, I'd prefer them instead of the kangaroo tail I also tryed.

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