From the helicopter

The helicopter at Glen Helen When arriving at Glen Helen I saw the advertising of the helicopter. I never flew in a helicopter before so I persuaded some travel mates to join it, too. It wasn't quite as exciting as the flight from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs (if you do it, too, take a window seat!), but still breathtaking. The pilot asked before wheather it was okay to have the doors removed as they were. And indeed: we all felt safe some 120 metres over the ground only secured by a seat belt.
Finke river and the McDonnell RangesThe dry river is the Finke river, regarded as one of the oldest rivers on earth, some 15 million years. But nowadays it's dry most of the time, only leaving a couple of billabongs (waterholes). As the country is neither really influenced by man nor covered with thick forrests one sees much more of the geology than usual. It was breathtaking not me not knowing much about the matter. For an expert it must be like reading an open book.
McDonnell rangesJeff told us the aborginenees believe this country was formed by travelling caterpillars. Indeed the mountains look very much like them. Wished I would see their butterflies one day...

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