Deb and Tiger's new home

The house - not yet fully finished When receiving their invitation I was very happy and curious. After living on the Eye of the Wind for so long, what kind of house would they have? In fact I was very impressed: It's of the same stunning beauty we were used to find on the ship, just some 30 years more modern and not guided by chronic money shortage anymore. So in fact I should not have been astonished at all.
From all rooms one has a look across the garden, the countryside and to the skyscrapers of the Gold coast very far away. And even after the whole Australia journey the memory of a large number of different parrots living around the house is fascinating.

To me it was always funny how different people at home and people I met on the ship must think of me: At home I appear to them mostly strong and very healthy. On the ship I used to suffer from seasickness, several infections and other problems. And right now I had the worst night of my Sydney cold again...
Blame it to the bacteria I have no photograph of Deb, Tiger and Emma.

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