Tourism in the Outer Barrier Reef

In the Outer Barrier Reef From Port Douglas I took the opportunity for a daytrip to the Outer Reef. There is a catamaran leaving from the Marina Mirage and after 90 min of high speed travel one arrives on a platform moored at the outer reef. Large parts of the travel time are spent to teach people about the reef, about real and possible hazards, the company's contribution to the reef preservation and research done by the Reef Authority. And I do believe they are honest about that.
But during these 2 dives I made I watched a couple of damages on the coral, done by tourists and professional divers alike. Of course, it happened accidently, but it happened. So I guess this is pretty much channeling the visitors and keeping them under control instead of having them roaming all over. Chances are, the financial contribution of the cruising company to reef research is in fact compensation and ecological painkiller.

For the Outer Reef and more opportunities, we stayed in the Rydges Reef Resort.

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