The sights of Fraser beach

Coloured Sands
When driving high speed along the endless beach there is definitely not much to see. It's everytime the same problem: People go to places with merits like "World heritage listed" as Fraser Island is. But they are not really interested in the details, WHY it's that important. Maheno shipwreck So tour operators bring as many tourists as they can and show them the sights not really being important, but scenic. That goes for the Coloured Sands, but much more for the wreck. Call me genial I managed to photograph it without showing any person of the 4 buses around, all staying for some 10 minutes. It is the most accessible wreck I ever saw, that's for sure.

Anyway I left the island still guessing why it's a listed world heritage. Maybe it's for the pure breed of Dingoes one seldom sees, maybe for it's sand geology or maybe for the forrest's adaption to such difficult circumstances. I forgot to ask and nobody told me.

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by IKO