I don't have really special information about dragonflies here, just two phenomena I found interesting. One is from the outback, the other one from Victoria:

dragon fly photographed in Katherine gorge

It's surprising somehow that each puddle of water in the outback has a population of dragonflys - dragonflys in the desert. But carefully thinking of it, it is not THAT surprising: there is such a lush supply of flys to eat...
Anyway they all were red and contrary to the ones we have in Europe they like to sit with their abdomen upwards. As I suppose, it's trying to expose only a small part of the body to the burning sun.

cannibalism in dragonflies

The other thing I learned, was there is cannibalism amongst dragonflies. I was attracted by a humming sound in the gras. Having a first look at it, I thougt this was a couple in their typical wheel or heart position. But having a closer look, it was 3 dragonflies. Two of them being a couple, one a hunter just eating the female! The male then managed to escape, but the female was eaten, at least her delicious parts. Head and wings were bitten off and left aside, the thorax eaten and as far as I remember the legs and abdomen again left for someone else. One indeed could hear the munching sound!

cannibalism in dragonflies

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