Rainbow fish

Rainbow fish Melanotaenia trifasciata
The rainbow fish were the first part of Australia I ever loved - but definitely not the last one. The thing I did not realize in the age of 13 was, that they live in the desert. At least in the desert, too. But the conditions urging fish in Africa to a very short, fast life of few months, produced a very different type of fish in Australia: A very long-living, solid fish prefering (quite) cool temperature. 10 years are no problem for a fish (this one's a male Melanotaenia trifasciata) of finger length. Imagine: 10 years as a fish in the desert! But indeed nearly all billabongs we visited, also the lake on Fraser island, were inhabited by rainbow fish of different species. A successful story of a little beauty.
The picture was done in Territory Wildlife Park.

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