Estuarine crocodile

Estuarine - or saltwater - crocodile in Yellow Waters, Kakadu National Park
One of the main attractions and biggest dangers of the Northern Territories: The Estuarine (or Saltwater) Crocodile. The name is a bit confusing, as they're not restricted to salty water, they also live in freshwater. The chance to see them was best when we were there in November, as this is the end of the dry season and all the crocs from far around are squeesed together in the last remaining waters. We saw at least a dozen in 2 hours, but during the wet season even the park rangers see one in 3 weeks. Anyway keep clear of them, don't even hang around on the banks of rivers: from the size of 2.5 m a croc gets you before you notice. And: DO BELIEVE THE WARNINGS! Every now and then somebody enters the headlines by becoming a croc's dinner - there must be a better way to get famous. Portrait of an Estuarine crocodile

Compare the colour of this darling with the upper one - see the difference? In fact once a saltie becomes really black it feels it's time again to return to saltwater. The saltwater kills the parasites making the skin black. Originally the skin is quite light, like the one here in Territory Wildlife Park, that certainly enjoys a regular cure without travelling that far.
Doesn't it look smiling? So sad one cannot pet it through the glass pane...

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