Frilly hiding
I went to the single tree trying to find the lizard. Nothing. Nothing for long. I went around the tree. And after I made some 90º around the tree I suddenly realized one little detail of the tree didn't change, it always remained the same. I bursted in laughter and photographed it.
See it?
Frilled lizard
I stopped for a while to let my shy model calm down. Then I went further around the tree and - voilá! - Frilly stayed and I could do some pictures without chasing it away.

If you wonder why I don't have that spectacular frill display, I can tell you. They only do it when feeling endangered, but unable to escape anymore. Just like some human beings, they kind of escape towards the danger: They pretend to be terribly dangerous and even walk towards that thing they're dead afraid of.
So at first I didn't want to scare Frilly that much. And if I did, it probably simply would have climbed somewhat higher and everything was over. Definitely: no glossy picture just for vanity.
Frilly, the Frilled lizard
At the end: Frilly fully visible, me very happy. But take a closer look at it. Frilly literally keeps an eye on me - it didn't stop for a second. So I calmly moved away backwards to the hotel - I had finished my very last film on the very last day with a rare and enjoyable encounter.

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